Super Bowl 2020 Live

Super Bowl 2020 Live
Super Bowl 2020 Live : Drumroll, please! The Super Bowl is just around the corner and we’re gearing up to watch the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs go head to head!


The 54th Super Bowl, or Super Bowl LIV, will be the 50th modern-era NFL championship game. The final throwdown will decide the champion for the 2019 season in the NFL.

The event will take place at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, which makes this one the 11th Super Bowl hosted by the South Florida region, and the sixth in the Miami Gardens.

Who’s Playing the Super Bowl 2020?
This year, the two teams participating in the Super Bowl are the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. The 49ers have already played the Super Bowl 6 other times, winning it in 5 of those occasions. For their part, the Chiefs have played the Bowl twice, winning one of the games.

Who Will Perform the Halftime Show?
In the past few years, there’s been a bit of a controversy regarding the halftime show, with many entertainers refusing to participate. This year, however, it’s been announced that Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will be taking the stage for the halftime show. As a bonus, Demi Lovato will perform “The Star-Spangled Banner” before the game starts.

The Super Bowl LIV will take place on Sunday, February 2nd, 2020. The broadcast will start at 6 PM ET, but the kickoff time was set for 6:30 PM ET. You can catch the game on Fox, this year.

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Over in Canada, the Super Bowl is broadcast by CTV this year.
If you live in Brazil, you’ll be able to enjoy the game on ESPN Brasil.
Folks in the UK and Ireland can broadcast the game on BBC One or Sky Sports Main Event if you have a subscription.

Super Bowl 2020 Live

Super Bowl 2020 Live : We don’t know about you, but we’re getting that funny sensation in our bones that on;y comes with a Super Bowl weekend. The San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs are just a day away from their date with destiny. We’re really struggling to predict who will come out on top, but what we can tell you is all you need to know to get a Super Bowl 2020 live stream – including all the free options, no matter where in the world you are (or with a VPN), and even without having to sit through those annoying commercial breaks!

Between the 49ers’ stellar defensive tackles and the Chiefs’ incredible offense, you can see why we’re finding it so hard to call this year’s big one.


This year’s Super Bowl between Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers will be held at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.

The date for your diary is this Sunday, February 2 at 6.30pm ET (3.30pm PT, 11.30pm GMT, 12.30pm CET, 10.30am AEDT Monday morning)

The 49ers come in to Super Bowl LIV having convincingly beaten the Packers 37-20 in their conference final. Not only was their defensive tackle impressive but they also managed to run the ball 42 times for 285 yards throughout the game. That sounds like Super Bowl-winning kind of form! While, the Chiefs managed to eliminate the plucky Titans, highlighted by Patrick Mahomes’s incredible 27-yard touchdown.

And if you’re equally looking forward to the entertainment part of the Super Bowl (we don’t blame you) you definitely should be! Shakira and Jennifer Lopez have teased aspects of their performances but it’s set to be an amazing spectacle.

Ready for the calendar’s ultimate must-watch sporting event? Keep reading to find out all the information you need to know about NFL’s 54th championship game, including kick-off times, halftime show info, the teams. Oh, and not forgetting the crucial part…how to get a Super Bowl live stream from anywhere in the world!

How to live stream Super Bowl 2020 online – our favorite choice for watching without commericals:

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How to watch a Super Bowl 2020 live stream for free in the US:

Fox will be broadcasting the event live this time around with Joe Buck commentating alongside the legendary Troy Aikman – former Dallas Cowboys quarterback.

Note that you will need a US IP address in order to access the Fox coverage otherwise you won’t be able to access the content from abroad – if you want to do so, you’ll have to follow our VPN guidelines above and log in with a VPN, choosing a US server location.

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  • DirecTV Now $50 per month – DirecTV Now includes CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN and for $5 extra you can add the NFL Network.
  • FuboTV $55 for the first month – FuboTV includes CBS, Fox, NBC and the NFL Network.

How to watch Super Bowl online in the UK for FREE:

As has been usual for the past few years, the Super Bowl will be shown live on BBC One for free! Mark Chapman will be the lead presenter alongside former players Jason Bell and Osi Umenyiora.

As it is being broadcast on BBC One, this means the game can also be live streamed for free on BBC iPlayer – so you don’t have to only be glued to your TV, you’ve got a choice here. Take your pick on where you’d want to watch it, including smartphone or tablet via the iPlayer app, too.

However this isn’t your only option, you can also watch the game live on Sky Sports or on its app Sky Go.

And it’s worth repeating…if you’re outside the UK and still want to watch your home coverage, then take a look above at how to do so without difficulty by downloading and installing a VPN.

How to watch Sup Bowl 2020 in Canada (and for FREE)

Similarly to previous years, CTV/TSN will be the official Canada broadcaster for the Super Bowl. If you want to watch it on the go, you can always download the CTV Go app. It allows you to watch the event on other devices away from your television.

Keep your eyes peeled on this page as we will bring you all the fresh updates, including timings and more streaming options for the Super Bowl.

Not got cable? Well don’t get disheartened. If you happen to have a DAZN subscription then you can watch there as well – DAZN offers a 30-day FREE TRIAL meaning that you can always sign up for the service and live stream Super Bowl LIV and without obligation.

How to live stream Super Bowl for FREE in Australia

Great news for Aussies, as free-to-air network Channel 7 is the place to be for any Australian NFL fans. Aussies can expect the event to air around 9.30am AEDT on Monday, February 3. That also means the 7plus app if you were intending to catch this on your mobile device.

Alternatively, ESPN, Foxtel and the impressive Kayo Sports (which constantly seems to add new live sport coverage to its service) will also be showing the game.

If you’re outside the country and want to tune in, then you can use one of our favorite VPNs above to watch the coverage from Down Under or another nation.

Super Bowl live stream: worldwide coverage where you are

Super Bowl 53 was available live in seven languages and 170 countries and territories around the world.

We can tell you that the some of the streaming platforms and channels that were showing it last year are showing it this year. And although we can’t confirm that all of the below listed will be streaming it, here are a few listed for the most popular territories for watching NFL: Mexico – ESPN, Fox, TV Azteca; Brazil – ESPN; South Korea – MBC Sports; Germany – ProSieben, DAZN; France – TF1, BeIN Sport; Argentina – ESPN, Fox; China – Fox Sports, BesTV.

Want to watch the Super Bowl in Miami instead?

If you’d rather catch the action live in the arena instead, you can always buy tickets. Just be aware that they are quite expensive, the cheapest tickets you can get are priced at $4,799 each, and that’s for the very back of the stadium. Premium seats which are pretty close to the action are going at $12,999 to even $15,925 each.

The good news is that the premium seats tickets include access to the three hour all-inclusive 3-hour pre-game party at Gulfstream Park, meet and greet opportunities with NFL stars and Hall of Famers including Joe DeLamiellure, Floyd Little & Jan Stenerud and more!

Super Bowl 2020 FAQ: your questions answered

When is Super Bowl LIV taking place?

Each year the Super Bowl takes place on the first Sunday in February. This year that means the Super Bowl will take place on Sunday, February 2. Kick-off time will be 6.30pm ET.

Who is performing at the Super Bowl 2020 half-time show?

The half-time show is being talked up as seriously spectacular this year (unlike last year’s rather underwhelming performance) with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira joining forces for what is set out to be an incredible performance. The pop stars are set to bring all the glitz and glam to the event.You can read more about it and see where and when to watch it with our dedicated guide on how to watch the Super Bowl halftime show online.

Who has previously performed at the Super Bowl half-time show?

Usually known for being a wonderful, epic and energetic spectacle, the Super Bowl half-time show has been graced by some of the most famous and popular artists out there. The previous line up includes Bruno Mars, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Rolling Stones, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Diana Ross, Prince, Slash and many more.

What are the Super Bowl 2020 predictions?

Thanks to their impressive regular and post-season campaigns, the San Francisco 49ers are many bookies’ favorites to take the big one this year. But it’s still very close to call between them and the Chiefs.

Who won the Super Bowl LIII in 2019?

Making Super Bowl history (again) the New England Patriots triumphed over the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII, with the final score being 3-13.

Which team has the most Super Bowl wins?

The answer to your question would be the New England Patriots… tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers! Both teams have each won six Super Bowls, although the Patriots have had the most recent win (2019), the last time the Steelers got crowned the Super Bowl champions was in 2008.

Which city has never hosted a Super Bowl?

The Cleveland Browns are the only team to date who has neither played in nor whose city has hosted the game.

What Super Bowl commercials for 2020 will there be?

You can expect to see an advertisement for Donald Trump and one for Bloomberg. Both Michael Bloomberg and Trump spent $10 million each on a ten second advertisement slot in the Super Bowl 2020. What makes this quite interesting is that both advertisements are for the 2020 United States presidential election – Bloomberg running for the Democratic presidential nomination and Trump is running for re-election.